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My eyes are drawn down to the long, wooden conference table. I’m taking in the details, following the grain along the edge. I’m losing interest. I scan along all the men seated in front of me, paying attention to what they’re doing and how they’re carrying themselves. They’re deeply discussing how minimally useful the Agile training was, but they’re doing it in a political way. As I reach the last man, I move my gaze up to the windows. It’s a beautiful day outside. My mind starts to drift away …

Circular conversations. 

Teacup ride
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That’s all this ever is.

Ronaldo spends a few minutes trying to convince the room how valuable the training was, but then quickly moves on to selling us on iterating on it.

Henry, the coordinator, chimes in that the conclusion from the feedback is that we should just go team by team to help improve their processes. Ronaldo responds by offering up another Engineering Manager to help lead that effort.

My disinterest has morphed into frustration and, let’s be honest, hiding my feelings is not my forte. I told Ronaldo that it’s very frustrating that I was already pitching this two months ago and we had to go through all of this to come back to the fact that I was already doing the right thing.

Ronaldo looks at me, in front of all of Engineering leadership, and says,

“Well, sometimes old ideas are new ideas.”

I’ll never ride teacups again…