About This Blog

As a woman in tech, a former collegiate rugby player, and a military veteran, I have spent a significant amount of time living in a man’s world.

I am the first person on both sides of my blood line to graduate from college, which has caused me some unique challenges in my career.

I have been bullied, embarrassed, and undervalued. It’s because of all these things that I have often felt outcasted at work.

I have persevered through trauma and hard times to come out on top and I believe that I have been given a powerful opportunity to share my stories. Through this, I hope to raise awareness and create a safe place to be human.

So this blog goes out to the underserved, the underrepresented, the outcasted, the survivors, the redeemers, and the inspirers of this great world.

In order to protect everyone, in most cases, real names are not used on this blog site. Don’t worry, the stories remain true and accurate.